Wretches & Jabberers

Film Documentary: Larry Bissonnette and Tracy Thresher

A film by Gerardine Wurzburg, critics say, "An eye opener," "Ingenious," "Autism finds its voice."

In the film, Tracy and Larry take to the road to promote awareness of the hidden intelligence in those who face speech and communication challenges, connecting with others like them across the globe who struggle to find a means of expression. Tracy, Larry and their support team, Harvey Lavoy and Pascal Cheng, visit Sri Lanka, Japan and Finland, giving interviews and presentations and learning about the lives of people with autism in these countries. Viewers share in their eye-opening experiences as the men negotiate the terrain of travel, culture and new friendships on what they aptly named The World Intelligence Magnified Tour.

Source: Wretches & Jabberers

Directed by: Gerardine Wurzburg

DVD Format: Multiple formats, HiFi Sound, NTSC