Drumming has provided me an opportunity to move more freely and ease my movements through rhythm. The more I drum, the more I am comfortable moving beyond myself and the mid-line. I am close to typing independently.

So many things were hard for me to learn. I now think it was so foolish to ask me to learn to tie my shoes. My brain moved into hiding the reason for not being able to do it, but yet my school believed it important mostly as a way to tell you that you are now just greatly smart. Why is shoe…

Contributor: Autism and the Myth of the Person Alone

I will forever cherish the day you came into my life and opened my door to communication by introducing me to facilitated communication. I am now an independent typer and songwriter.

I lived in a silent abyss until I was almost 18 years old. I endured years of yearning, countless hours of desolation, until facilitated communication rescued me.

Altering myself from an angry, utterly despairing, mute 18-year-old yelling boy to an eager-for-life always-up-for-a-party…

Author: Traveler's Tales: My Journey with Autism

The bottom line is "people all want communication."

Working with Marilyn allowed communicating and trusting others and myself and ultimately independence. Her advice is a wonderful tool to help not only me but also the thousands who cannot talk.