The Dancing Dialogue: Using The Communicative Power Of Movement With Young Children

Suzi Tortora

Children's nonverbal cues can uncover critical information about their emotional, social, physical, communicative and cognitive development.

The first approach to focus exclusively on the importance of observing nonverbal expression, The Dancing Dialogue shows early childhood professionals how to assess the behavior and movement of children with a wide range of issues and use what they learn to develop appropriate interventions.

This eagerly anticipated volume brings to book format the popular program Dr. Tortora has presented to thousands of professionals. The Dancing Dialogue is a one-of-a-kind resource that combines insights from diverse disciplines, including psychology, neurobiology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, dance movement therapy and early childhood development. No dance background is needed.

The ideas and techniques are accessible for professionals from any field. Strategies are brought to life by the author’s vibrant, encouraging voice and the fascinating stories of children and adults engaging in the communicative dance.

Whether used in an early intervention program, in a classroom, or with individual caregivers and their children, this is an innovative, effective way to assess and enhance the development of young children.

Source: Brooks Publishing

Publisher: Paul H. Brookes Pub Co.
ISBN-10: 1557668345
ISBN-13: 9781557668349

Availability: Paperback