What is BodySpeaks?

For many, speaking is not the first and foremost means of expression. This is often a central part of their disability. People with Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy and Rett syndrome can get caught in a speaking world where they struggle to let others know who they are and what they want. Their basic signs and/or signals render them as having limited intellects, thoughtless minds, absent feelings, and negative behaviors.

By holding their potential high and developing solutions for communication barriers, new and more comprehensive communication can develop. 

Movement is a key component in developing effective solutions. It is through movement that we show our intention, express our emotions and connect with others. From the initial assessment and throughout regular therapy and/or periodic consultation, solutions are developed to improve motor planning and support emotional regulation, opening the door to more effective communication. Within this context  technology tools and materials are used to meet the communicator’s needs. 

Communication does not exist in a vacuum. In other words, it takes two to tango. Teaching others how to support and how to engage a communicator who uses these alternative methods is of great importance. BodySpeaks, LLC works with families and with teams, helping those around the communicator to build communication that allows participation across life situations.

On the face of it, communication is about expressing wants and needs. And yet, each of us would not survive a life of making simple requests. Communication is so much more! Very often solutions to alternative communication begin in structured and predictable ways. But the goal of opening the door to full and authentic communication is to reach for expression that is novel and to not assume that you know what the communicator is going to say, but to wait for and treasure each word as it is expressed.

This is the heart of BodySpeaks, LLC.