There are many ways to learn about FCT. Around the country, there may be Introductory-level workshops that explain the foundational concepts and teach the elements of getting started with the method.

The following websites may give you information on training opportunities.

In July of 2016, the Wellspring Guild, a new organization, was started for the purpose of developing consistent training supports for FCT across the United States. Currently, this organization is developing the process and curriculum for training coaches, trainers and master trainers. To find a trainer, or more about where training is taking place, visit Wellspring Guild.

The BodySpeaks website is a place where you can learn about FCT in a variety of ways.

Facilitated Communication Training: A Series of Manuals is purposed to give a description of the method and a full explanation of using the method through the various stages toward independence.

I recommend both a workshop experience and the manual series for followup. You may have many questions once you are in the process of getting started. It is helpful to have support during that time.

As a master trainer of FCT, I am available for:

  • assessing the benefit of FCT for a person,
  • training families and teams to provide proper support through the use of the method,
  • training families and teams to fade support toward independence,
  • using additional methods where I hold a certificate: NMT, MNRI, Feldenkrais,
  • working with schools and agencies to implement the method in their settings, and
  • mentoring coaches and trainers in learning the skills of teaching people to become facilitators.

I work online through Skype, through appointments at my office in Syracuse, NY, and when necessary travel to a communicator’s location.

If you are interested in FCT and if there is someone in your life who might benefit, the first step is to contact me and set up a conversation where together we can decide what the best next step is for you and/or your communicator.

I hope to hear from you!